What’s In A Name?

This morning, while cooking breakfast (yes, I can cook – no inquiries please!), this song dropped in my heart and it just refused to go away:

Sinach – Awesome God

So as I stood pondering on the words and the relevance of this song, the Holy Spirit asked me to conduct a quick exercise that I’d love to share with you. Since my mind kept reverting back to the first few lines, He asked me if I understood the meaning of the words and what they say about worshiping Him.

Holy are You Lord, All creation call You Lord

Worthy is Your name, We worship Your majesty

Awesome God how great Thou art, You are Lord mighty are Your miracles

We stand in awe of Your holy name, Lord we bow and worship You

I’ve highlighted the two lines that really drove home this point. Now to the exercise. He said to me – “What is your name? What does it mean?” (My full name means “[The] Father loves me”)

He then asked a curious question:

“Does who you are, reflect the name you’ve been given?”

This is a very curious question for me since my name doesn’t really have that type of significance – I mean, it’s more of an acknowledgement rather than a character or trait (some of you may have names that mean “Gentle in spirit”, “Peaceful”, etc) so I was slightly lost and I asked what does my name have to do with this song?

The song came back to me again: “Holy are you Lord, all creation call you Lord; Worthy is your name, we worship your majesty…”. “Worthy” isn’t just a descriptive word when it comes to understanding God, no – Worthy is a title deserving to every name He has been given. It is, for lack of a better explanation EARNED! God is WORTH the names “Lord”, “God“, “YHVH”, “Faithful”, “True”, “Jehovah”, “Elohim”, “Adonai”, all of them.

His Name is reflective of who He is – He lives up to His many names. He is true and all encompassing of them, ALL the time. To say His name is Worthy should come with the understanding that He is Worthy of the name! He DESERVES the names He has – He has PROVEN Himself to be able to warrant those names.

This is why Jesus can have a name that is above EVERY other name (Philippians 2:5-11), a name that means “The Amen” (think about it for a moment and let that sink in) – Revelations 3:14 – a name that He put in the work for it and rightly (and righteously) deserves such a status. He has met all the requirements and completed all the tasks and challenges to warrant such a name.

Next time you think of the name of The Lord being Worthy, think to yourself – what name of God‘s can best describe the WORTH He has to me? Only then can we worship-fully sing “Worthy is Your name… We stand in awe of Your Holy name…” and understand exactly what those words mean and how to appropriate Worship to an Awesome God.

Next time you hear your name or think of yourself, think of how well you are fulfilling your name , maybe even ask the question:

Am I proving myself worthy of my name?

You may want to go further and ask if there more that you can do to make sure you reflect the fullness of your name. Have that conversation with God and see where He leads you.

Have a fantastic day.

God bless you.

Remember, God wants you to win.