What does it means to be a Christian?

In class this week, we were asked to undertake an exercise that should help us separate our taught theology from our “ordinary” theology. In other words, how do we react ordinarily as oppose to reacting “appropriately”.

The first of two exercises was along the following lines: “Assuming a young child that you know very well, perhaps a family friend or a relative, of teenage years approaches you with the following question: ‘What does it mean to be a Christian?’ How would you respond?”

Here was/is my response:

“Fundamentally, being a Christian means being “Christ like”. It means doing your best and completely relying on God to help you to be Holy – that is, to be obedient to Him and His Word. That doesn’t mean that you won’t slip up or you will not sin but you must trust that God will forgive your sins if you ask Him honestly and He will help you turn away from them permanently if you’re willing.

God will only work with you in situations that YOU allow Him to so it is best and important that you learn from those that have encountered God before so you know His character and His tendencies, kind of like the same way you know me and what I like (and just as importantly, dislike).

This is where The Bible comes in. It’s the cornerstone of understanding God’s nature and knowing how to relate to Him and how he is able to relate to you. I’m sure you’re bound to hear people talk about a personal relationship with God – that’s how they developed those relationships, by finding out all they could about God. All you need to do is trust God completely, trust His Word (and read it) and use that trust to stay obedient to His instructions – that is being a Christian.”

God bless you.