Waste Management


The Holy Spirit placed this in my heart one night as I was falling asleep.


As human beings, we have a certain number of things that are commonplace among us all. These include but are certainly not limited to respiration, sleep, digestion and waste management. If you note, these bodily functions can be likened to a lowest common denominator that makes all humans the same. They are necessary in order for your body to remain in a state of good health.

While many of us have managed to gain adequate control over some of these functions (a diet restriction, functioning reasonably well with minimal sleep and even controlled breathing for different situations), it was brought to my attention that waste management is perhaps one of the few bodily fuctions that remain hard to master. It is an often overlooked but very crucial part of your bodily functions.

To refer to waste management is to discuss the activity your body plays in ridding itself of toxins, be it through urine, faeces or sometimes vomit. The reason we produce waste is because the waste in question is not beneficial to our system. If it is stored for too long, it will cause us damage.

The term ‘waste management’ refers to the ability to manage waste. As fairly obvious as it may sound, the truth is, of all our automatic functions; waste management is a learned process. We may refer to it as ‘potty training’.

A small child has no control over his/her bowels yet s/he still produces waste. S/he uses a diaper for the purposes of containing said waste till s/he has been taught how to properly use a toilet and stop relying on the fact that a diaper will temporarily contain the mess. It is also important to note that potty training is taught not by peers BUT by a parent or gaurdian. One who demonstrates enough care and attention to tolerate the learning curve and clean up the mess.

Some of us may have known or know somebody who at an age which potty training is expected to have been taught and master may be suffering from a form of bowel syndrome or has a weak bladder causing them to lose control of their ability to manage waste. If you had such a friend, your embarassment would extend towards them and if you knew such a person you would assume that something was wrong (assuming you had no idea they had such an illness).

With the information you have just learned, I would like to propose this to you…

We as human beings can be likened to children. We make mistakes which we can call a form of ‘waste’ and we are in need of potty training. The waste that we produce is called SIN and we do not know how to stop ourselves from sinning as it is in our nature. The management of sin/waste needs to be taught to us by a parent/guardian and since we as human beings can be likened to children, we cannot teach ourselves as we are peers.

We need to turn to our parent/guardian, the Lord God, to teach us how to manage our sins because we would not be content to sit in a diaper full of excrement (as a child would demonstrate by crying when it has soiled his/herself) yet that is the state that we are in right now.

We can be likened to men and women who have an irritable bowel syndrome or a weak bladder with the lack of the necessary knowledge of how to manage our waste.

We are sinful… Our sins are dangerous to our state of health because we try to keep it in. When we do let it out, we do not know where the toilet is let alone how to use it and it results in us being further tainted and still we look to each other to find a ‘way’ instead of the Father.

Let us now consider these things …

How long are we willing to sit in our own waste before we acknowledge we NEED help?
How much waste do we want to sit in before we cry out for a change?
When will we learn that there is a Father who is willing to change us and teach us the most effective ways to deal with the situations life brings?

God bless you.