The Trinity (Part Two)

Now… The current revelation that I have of the nature of God is one that The Holy Spirit explained to my spirit – something that seems so logical now but I hope the preceding explanation demonstrates where I have come from in my thinking.

Just to recap, I was struggling to understand Genesis 1:26 – “And God said, Let Us make man in Our image, after Our likeness…” (MKJV). God had already brought me to the point of understanding that He was talking to Himself (The Trinity, that is) when He said “Let Us…” but I was stuck in a rut of trying to understand what God LOOKED like… After all, image is based on looks right? Wrong… When God further added “after Our likeness…” our mentality should have shifted from appearances and from a physical representation of God.

My understanding of the nature of God was best summarized by the song “Holy, Holy, Holy” in which the last line reads “God in three persons; blessed Trinity.” The Church had always impressed that God was three persons in one, God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit – each a unique entity that cannot exist without each other. It was, crucially, in that order that I misunderstood the nature of God… I believed (and was never corrected) that God had a hierarchy with God the Father sitting atop the Godhead, Jesus Christ on the right in a slightly lower position and the Holy Spirit on the left in a slightly lower position than the other two (think of the medal podium at the Olympics).

I think that I viewed it this way because of the chronological order we often mistake the Bible to be in – God the Father first revealed and God the Son next and then after He left; God the Holy Spirit sent to us. When The Holy Spirit revealed to me the nature of The Trinity, He told me to get rid of the concept of time. God the Father, Son& Spirit were all ONE… Without The Father, there is NO Son or Spirit; without The Son, there is NO Spirit or Father; and without The Spirit, there is NO Father or Son. They all co-exist simultaneously and always have YET they are all separate.

Yes, when God the Father spoke to create the heavens and the earth; We KNOW The Spirit was there (Gen 1:2) so that means that God the Son (aka Jesus) was also there! This is probably the most challenging part… Being able to overcome the solely human concept of time (time ONLY applies to man) – everything else in the spirit realm is outside of time. Jesus being born in the New Testament was merely at a point that the Godhead deemed suitable for man not a reflection on the nature/order of the Godhead as an entity.

Hopefully you have come to understand that The Godhead co-exists, are EQUAL and are without a hierarchy.  The revelation I received was that when God said to the Godhead Three “Let Us make man in Our image, after Our likeness…” He was speaking of making man in the nature of the Godhead rather than the “appearance” of the Godhead. As the Godhead is a tri-unity, so is man… Man is a being composed of THREE persons – a Body, a Spirit and a Soul. The name “God” is the name given to the entity that is made up of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

To put this all into perspective; it was explained to me as such: Your body is the physical representation of your trinity within this realm of existence (although it does not necessarily mean this is what your spirit looks like). Your spirit is the seat of your will; it contains your intellect and desires and can be best described as the “mind” of your trinity. Your soul is where your emotions reside, the place in which you “feel” and can be likened to the “heart” of your trinity – anger, jealousy, hate, etc emanate from here.

Now, I present to you this: If we are to believe that we are made in the image and likeness of God then surely we should be able to find these things within God also no? Indeed we can. The Father is the “soul” of the entity called God; The Son (Jesus The Christ) is the body of the entity called God and The Holy Spirit is the spirit of the entity called God.

Jesus is the visible representation of the invisible God, that is to say; He is only called The Son because of our human understanding of the Annunciation and our obsession with time. Jesus is, at a risk of over-simplifying; the physical body of the entity we have called God.

God the Father, being the soul of the entity called God, is the embodiment of emotions… He makes this clear in Exodus 34:14 – “For you shall worship no other god. For the LORD, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God…” – we could get into how jealousy is a “bad” emotion but please remember, God is PERFECT and ALL his emotions are perfect! Do not mistake the imperfections of the human nature and what we have tainted in our fallen state for what God is. The fact that he said that His name is Jealous (note the capitalisation that makes it a noun) and the fact we KNOW God hates, God is Love, etc should let us know that God is an emotional being and further support this explanation of the Trinity.

God the Holy Spirit is, as implied by the name, the spirit of the entity called God. He embodies the intellect and will of God. After Jesus left the Earth, He said He would send His Spirit as the Comforter (John 14:26).The Holy Spirit is the one who teaches and convicts us of our sin and the One who can bring us to Salvation.

To conclude; the entity we call God is a being consisting of 3 distinct but inseparable persons that are always in agreement and have ALWAYS co-existed (hopefully Rev 13:8 ties everything I have said together). When God said in Gen 1:28, “Let Us”… He was speaking to Jesus and The Holy Spirit. When He said in Our Image and likeness… He was not referring to physical appearance but to being made with the same tri-unity that the Godhead has.

Many struggle with understanding the concept of The Trinity and Muslims especially critique Christianity as worshipping 3 gods… Hopefully, this serves as an additional platform to which we can engage in better dialogue.

God bless you.