The Trinity (Part One)

Ah…. Well, here we are… My first post of 2010… A little late, I know, but I hope you can bear with me… This may (actually tell a lie, it will) be a little long.

Rather appropriate, in fact, given that today is the day of my father’s birth; that I write a piece about the nature of The Father and the relationship that He shares with The Trinity.

I need to give credit where credit is due as The Holy Spirit has been working on this with me for a while – a few years in fact, and I have allowed laziness to distract me from putting it to pad so… Without further ado… here is what was revealed to me about the nature of The Trinity.

I remember as a child being distinctly baffled by the account of when God made man in Genesis 1:26 – “And God said, Let Us make man in Our image, after Our likeness…” (MKJV). This puzzled me greatly because as far as I was concerned, God was one person talking to whom?! Man wasn’t around (since he was yet to be made) and I guess the only person(s) that God could have been speaking to was the angels – right?!

This was what I believed as a child… God was speaking to the Angels in Genesis 1:26 and He agreed with them to create man in their collective image… Like a congregation of the heavenly bodies in agreement on a sound course of action on the final stage of creation. For those of you who have an understanding of the Christian faith; you can probably laugh at my folly and see the childishness of my thinking.

As I grew older, I came to understand that God was not speaking to the angels as I initially thought but rather to Himself (or to be more specific, The Trinity – I will explore this later). This revelation led me to believe that if God was indeed to speaking to Himself. For this to make sense, logically, all of mankind to be made in His image therefore God must be some sort of cosmic mirror(!)

It made sense to me at the time… God was the type of being that when you finally met Him and beheld His face; you would simply see your own reflection. That was the logic that I peddled and was content with. I now need to apologize for those who I peddled this misinformation to – I remember a common room discussion at college on the nature of God in which I explained my logic to quite a number of people and also conceded a point to a lady called Kira (I think) that God was a female based on that flawed logic. I was wrong.

God is not female and there are reasons I have to dismiss such a notion; although it is something for another blog or perhaps, live discussions so please, just take it as is.

Due to the length of the overall post, I felt that it would be best to separate it into two parts so consider this a historical overview of my thought processes. Hopefully, Part Two will complete the equation.