Something the Holy Spirit dropped in my heart (must give credit where it is due – do not want to plaigarize)


Now we all know the nature of AIDS… Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome.. To contract HIV/AIDS is to be considered terminal… EVERYONE has to die BUT nobody really thinks about it till it becomes necessary in a train of thought (for example, being terribly ill in hospital, etc).

Now when a person has HIV/AIDS, the thought of death is constant… One is always reminded and made aware that death is imminent, hence the cocktail of drugs to stave off death for a while longer.

The nature of HIV that makes it uncurable is that it constantly mutates and therefore your antibodies cannot adjust to fight it… It develops into AIDS (if unchecked) which is a DEGENERATIVE disease… Your immune system degenerates to the point where a simple illness such as the ‘cold virus’ can take one’s life.

The most ‘logical’ cure for HIV would be to have a complete blood transfusion… As in drain you COMPLETELY of blood and inject new blood in. This, of course is impossible becasue you cannot simply ‘drain’ a human being dry and place flesh blood in and expect him/her to live throught the ordeal. The ‘old’ blood needs but a simple droplet to contaminate the new.

Now that you have been provided with this information… I wish to propose to you a tale… A provocation of your thought…

IMAGINE YOU have HIV/AIDS… You are aware that you are terminally ill and WILL die… You are in desperate need of any kind of cure (because you value your life as such)… If you were told that there is ONE person on this Earth with a cure…

What would be your reaction? They have a bloodwork that was immune to HIV and could cure your state of being… Would you seek out that person? Would you not ask for their help?

Now let me put this to you…

As human beings… We are BORN TERMINALLY ILL… You may not think about it BUT the TRUTH is… You WILL die. The terminal illness we have is called SIN!

With all the information you have collated reading this note, think to yourself… Knowing you are terminally ill and realizing that it can be likened to HIV… in the sense that there is no cure for it (made by human hands)… I propose to you this…

There IS a man… One who was born as we were BUT was born immune… He carries within Him the antibodies necessary for ridding you of your illness. He is also WILLING to help you even at the sacrifice of His own life… He is even willing to die… That you may live. That is the measure of his compassion.

His name is Jesus.

The only questions that remain now are:

How much do you value your life?
Are you willing to accept this FREE gift?
If so, what are you waiting for?

God bless you.aids-ribbon2