Evil Just Is: Where the Darkness meets the Light

This may be, perhaps, the most abstract blog I’ve written and since I have not posted for a while; please forgive me if it all comes flooding out.

I think it is most important to declare that the following topic is penned in a manner that attempts to remove as many Christian values as I can from the content of the subject matter – in some parts I will succeed; in others I may fail… Woefully.

Now for the topic at hand:

For those who know me personally; I’ve always heard and been rebuked for seeing things in life as “black and white”; that is to say, (morally) unambiguous.

I’ve always maintained that life is simple but it is our relationships/situations and how we handle those that makes life complex. I believe that “shades of grey” exist for those unwilling to face the complexity they have placed themselves within – or perhaps unwilling find themselves amongst. I often offend a lot of people with the manner in which I dismiss the ambiguity in situations. Especially when I make a straight distinction on what I deem to be right/wrong; (in)correct; good/evil. It is often seen as callous and without heart.

This is not a dispute on morals or where one needs to draw them from but rather a look at why we are careful, uncomfortable ( or perhaps afraid) to make clear black & white judgments.

In the history of language and practical living; we have developed gradients and various standards of comparison. From the simple use of adjectives; (think “good, better, best”) to the functioning of our judicial system – murder, manslaughter, various degrees of harm, etc.

They are a sliding scale of some sort of evil (or bad if you’d prefer) and good. Now; I do not presume to say all evil be punished by the same standard – I don’t think any human being is in a position to make such a call. I also will not argue the (dis)advantages of a sliding judicial scale (for those interested in law and morality, see the works of Thomas Aquinas).

What I do believe, however, is that the same approach that empowers the judicial system to make such calls based on set conditions; we have deconstructed and made place for in our everyday lives.

We have come to believe that all things must be viewed through tinted lenses. Personally; I avoid, as much as I can, taking the grey area in matters concerning my actions. I know within my heart whether I have committed to a wrong or a right and I am open minded enough to listen to others to change said opinion.

I rarely subscribe to mentalities such as “the right thing for the wrong reasons” (or vice versa) or “end justifying the means”. If I’m going to sin (or I have sinned); I know I have. I do not excuse it and I seek forgiveness through repentance.

I think this topic falls within the realms of determining what is good and what is evil. I would never set myself as a standard and will always look to God and His Word as the standard. Unless God has SPECIFICALLY given me a set of instructions and I KNOW it’s Him (there are various proofs that will come with that); I’ll always use my conscience (imbued with The Spirit of God) to make those judgment calls on whether my actions were right or wrong.

I challenge myself constantly to look at things in black & white and not make excuses for my actions while trying to not justify them. I believe that ambiguity presents itself when you try to cater for the multitude and attempt to placate everybody. It is a sign that you do not trust yourself or your judgment and you are unwilling to back your ideas, opinion or perspective even if all are against you.

I have left a few things off the table here because this is tied into so many topics and areas of life and well… This should suffice for your daily reading quota. I will, however leave you with a couple of thoughts:

Day exists and Night exist as separate entities. Only in a world made for man; viewed through men’s eyes, do you have a concept of twilight where the light blends into the dark.

If you have learned nothing else, learn this: Be true to yourself, confident in your decisions and your ability to make those decisions.