Dress to Redress

Now I realise that this will be a contentious topic as we are, after all, in the summer season so I guess somebody is bound to gripe about the state of clothing.

Well… This is not one of those kinds of blogs. This is an appeal to your sense of logic. I think it would be safe to say that if you do not get it (the point I’m making that is) then there are two possibilities; I didn’t explain it well enough or (how can I put it) you’re not on the same logical wavelength as me – yes… I went there (!)

I think that has sufficiently set the tone so… Let’s begin:

It’s important to realise this is not season specific – I have seen this in winter (although with less frequency) as well as the warmer seasons. It is not gender specific either.

I’m sure you’re still wondering what my gripe actually is – well, it’s dressing standards. Women (especially) dress in some illogical ways. I’m not complaining about WHAT you wear but rather how you REACT to your own clothing – an extension of the modus operandi aka the WHY.

Let me explain further…. You have a piece of clothing on. You left your house knowing how it fit you and its dimensions on your body. I have to assume (wrongly perhaps) that you are COMFORTABLE with that (mentally and physically). So why then must I be subject to you constantly adjusting your top to cover your breasts or your dress to cover past your butt cheeks?

Was there an unnatural occurrence that caused your dress/top to shrink the moment you left home or the steps you took to get out were not enough to demonstrate that it was probably too short??

Where is the logic I promised you may ask? Let’s look at it this. There is nothing wrong with what your wearing (no matter how short/low cut/controversial) because it is YOUR choice to dress as you please and MY choice to look (away). When you start readjusting your dress on road; you remove that choice.

How?? It’s no scientific secret that movement attracts the eye, hence the logic behind camouflage or bull fighting (let’s see who has the smarts to figure that one out). If you start shuffling your dress down to where it’s supposed to be then you end up attracting attention to the very place you’re trying to cover up!

You attract previously uninterested eyes and it’s also an insult to YOUR intelligence! Who leaves home confident in what they’ve worn to only start displaying a lack of confidence? If you knew your t-shirt/dress was in appropriate for your journey & destination then why did you wear it? It’s not by force you had to wear it or that you even had to go out!

I will happily accept that a dress that barely covers your bum cheeks is acceptable for YOU… IF you’re not trying to make it a knee length outfit or trying to adjust that top that looks more like a cummerbund to convince everybody that it’s actually polo neck.

If you think you’re dressing modestly… ACT like you are. If you know you’re not then WHY did you bother wearing it out??

Of course, I’m sure by now the guys think they are exempt but no… Not by a long shot!!

If you’re going to “break it low/sag” then that’s good for you… If in your pursuit for the bus/train or maybe running from police/gunshots (let’s be real here) then WHY are u having to compensate every other stride with a pull up of your jeans/track bottoms??

GET A BELT!! I FULLY understand having clothes that are too big – either from rapid weight loss (which is likely to be unhealthy) or dressing in an American style (both of which I have experienced). It’s simple… Punch more holes into your belt and stop wearing those bottoms that you can’t secure yourself in. It’s embarrassing for YOU when your trousers suddenly become leg warmers.

All jokes aside, the guys seemed to have learned/be learning and are now dressing to suit the occasion (however varied that may be). Ladies, however, are learning at a slower rate (from my observation).

On the most serious note: There is a danger to this type of dressing. When you spend so much time addressing your need to redress, you cannot fully devote your attention to your surroundings. While it’s highly unlikely that you will be on your own with an outfit you have to keep adjusting; even in the company of a friend with at least one of you redressing yourself tells any suitors that you are PREY!

Before we all erupt into who’s a potential rapist and who is not; think about it. Where you adjust is where guys will look at. It shows you are distracted and also it demonstrates a lack of confidence in what you are wearing. Let’s forget the rapists now… What about the thieves? Muggers? Gropers & personal space violators?!


IF you’ve read this and interpreted it as a rant against women and their dressing habits… You missed the point! It’s simply about the LOGIC behind WHY you dress the way you do. THINK!!

Guys & Girls… Don’t make a fool of yourselves by wearing clothing you will need to readjust constantly. It doesn’t make sense. If the dryer shrank it before you got out then don’t wear it if it keeps riding up… If the washing machine expanded it (!) before you left home then don’t wear it if it keeps dropping down.

Be sensible and protect yourselves before having to protect yourselves.