A word for the suffering…

As per yesterday’s blog, I commented that there were two exercises that we had to complete in class. The first being how to explain what it means to be a Christian to a teenager which I explained (in my own interpretation) in the blog: ‘What does it mean to be a Christian?’. The second is detailed in this blog and the scenario we were given was the following:

“Given the context of today’s society, assume that you were given a radio slot of ONE minute in order to speak on your views to a world with people looking for answers. What would you say, bearing in mind your position of faith?”

I thought about it and thought about my mind was cast to @faithjegede’s show on Premier Gospel and I thought, one minute on radio is a long time but given the context of today’s society; not nearly long enough either – especially with the recent natural disasters in New Zealand and Japan as well as the widespread unrest in the Middle Eastern & North African Arab nations. I thought, if I could address those who are hurting in the world, I couldn’t possibly do it from an eschatological position as so many have attempted this and lacked the proper perspective.

The best way I thought to approach this was from a point of view where I could empathise with those who are suffering and in order to do this I had to draw on times in which I felt such personal loss and suffering although I realise that the two are still relatively incomparable. Well, here was/is my one minute radio closing message:

“There is so much pain and anguish in the world today with disasters in nature and disasters by man. Many may think that this is a time for God to prove or show Himself and wonder how He could permit such terrible things to happen but I would like to encourage you and be a source of hope. God does listen and He is watching and using your neighbours and my neighbours, our friends and families to provide help and comfort. His schedule is different to ours and I want to encourage you with something that always saw me through hard and the most difficult of times:

‘He may not come when you want Him but He is always on time.’

I hope this can be of help to someone.

God bless you.